What is so important about having a mobile version of your website?

You might be surprised at what your website looks like on a mobile phone…

Click the banner above and enter your domain name in the window at the top of the page and see what your site looks like on an iPad, Android and Blackberry without a mobile website version.

Your miniaturized website is much too small to read, and when you enlarge, it is almost impossible to find the navigation. Prospects will not work that hard to discover your product.

Non-Optimized Mobile Websites Do Not Generate Traffic or Leads For Apartments

Establish Mobile Rich Customer Search and Relationship Management

Google recently announced that more searches are now conducted on mobile devices than desktop computers. In addition, Google now gives priority to mobile search friendly websites. Mobile searches account for 45% of US organic traffic. 70% of US adults access the Internet via mobile devices.

A mobile website displays all of your pertinent information in a quick and easy format. Host your website with MessageKast.com and a mobile user will be automatically directed to your interactive mobile website, either by internal responsive web design or by a separate mobile design format.

Each operating system, browser and screen size generates a different interpretation of your website; therefore, you don't have only "one" mobile version. MessageKast.com mobile websites adapt for multiple mobile hardware and browsers.

Customized mobile websites are compatible with both smartphone and text formats and include social marketing SHARE buttons and your choice of navigation options.

MobileKast Is a Crucial Tool For Generating Apartment Leads