PhoneKast Outbound Call Tracking & Inbound Call Tracking for Apartments

Expand Your Leasing &
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with Advanced Call Measurement

With, no call should be left behind. Make the most of your advertising investments using our advanced telephone tracking features.

Phonekast Revolutionizes Call Tracking for Apartments For Your Business

10 Incoming Call Measurement Numbers with Unlimited Minutes

$50 A Month*
Telephone calls are segregated into their own lead stream, recorded for review and identified by advertising source. Separate prospect calls from other calls and easily manage from the dashboard menu.

Additional numbers can be added for $5.00 per number.

Example: Assign call measurement numbers by employee and launch a special outreach, print ID call numbers on flyers, tent cards, preferred employer invitations, or resident referral flyers. Reward special commissions to the employees with the best response numbers, easily identified through

*$100 Setup Fee is Additional.

Find Out How Phonekast Can Give You The Edge With Outbound Call Tracking $30 A Month*
Monitor leasing success with the convenience of click-to-call dashboard. No need to write up sticky notes that you post on your monitor, just enter the caller's information directly into your console: instantly save, prioritize and set follow up.

*$30 per month up to 400 minutes; $0.07 per minute thereafter.

Phonekast Gives You The Edge in Apartment Lead Tracking

Multiple Properties

What if you have several properties operating out of one office with a shared staff? ILoveLeasing has the ideal solution through its Central Leasing Office license option.

Pay the regular per-unit pricing plus just $15 per month, and a one-time $100 setup fee. Manage all your communities' prospect communications, demographics, advertising budget and personnel performance using the Central Leasing Office option. PLUS you will be able to configure several ILoveLeasing Dashboard preferences inside this special edition.

For example, you can choose to have what lead types you want to receive into the Central Leasing Office and when you want to receive them. For example, if a community has an office that is open four hours a day, you can redirect leads to the Central Leasing Office when the community office is closed.

Central Response Center

Some companies prefer to have all prospect telephone calls and Internet inquiries come to a central location where they field the leads to their communities.

This method assures management companies that prospects are responded to immediately. Leads can be directed to communities within the company that best match the prospect's interests and desires, or communities that need greater traffic.

Locating Center

Another example of how management companies have used the Central Leasing Office license is by receiving prospects in a central location where representatives qualify and refer them to a community to tour.

This method has been particularly effective for student housing. It assists in speeding the prospect to the best-fit availability and it also helps to control traffic overloading during the peak leasing season.