With our products, ads, emails, chat, mobile websites, and apartment industry specific search engine optimization—become your leasing agents’ secret to lead generation.

Searchkast from Spherexx.com keeps us on page one in Google, Yahoo and Bing at a minimal monthly fee with their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. We don't have to pay huge, unpredictable sums to get Internet traffic!

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Generate apartment leads with ads, emails, interactive chat, and apartment specific SEO.

Adkast Advertising Updater

Advertising Updater

$35 per month per property, with $100 setup fee, and available only with ILoveLeasing.com

Are all your prices and product features published on the Internet correct and current? Adkast will make sure they are. The $35 monthly fee per property covers up to 10 sources. If you have more than 10 sources that need a pricing feed, then add $5.00 per additional source per month.

Update pricing, specials, product descriptions, with one click using our Adkast plug-in tool on Internet Listing Services like ApartmentGuide.com, Apartments.com, ApartmentFinder.com, and ForRent.com to name a few.

PhoneKast Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Inbound Call Tracking: $50.00 per month per property for inbound call tracking with one-time $100.00 setup fee. We will setup phonekast phone #'s on internet sources, but print sources have to be setup by the client. This provides up to 10 local or toll free phone #’s assigned to sources of your choice. Unlimited minutes! Additional phone #'s can be added for $5.00 per line per month. If you use phonekast with www.iloveleasing.com, then the call recordings are stored in the dashboard of I Love Leasing for 30 days.

Outbound Call Tracking: $30.00 per month per property for outbound call tracking and this provides 400 minutes per month and then .07 cents per minute afterwards. Outbound phonekast has ZERO setup fee. This service can only be used with www.iloveleasing.com so that we can provide a dashboard to review recorded outbound calls for training and reward.


Textkast is available only with a license of I Love Leasing and it is used exclusively for prospect inbound and outbound texting. I Love Leasing will automatically text "phone number only" leads to glean more information before turning the lead over to the onsite team to work.

Textkast is free up to 100 texts per month, and $.02 per each additional text. Textkast pricing includes both inbound and outbound texting.

Chatkast Interactive Chat

Interactive Chat

Convert your website visitors into prospects with Chatkast interactive website chat. Engage visitors in conversation and personalize their shopping experience; share availability and special features just as if they were standing at your door.

You will secure more appointments with Chatkast and receive user behavioral reporting as well.

Chatkast is only $.10/unit/mo for 3 workstations, capped at $30, and $25 per month for additional workstations for UNLIMITED chat sessions. The one-time installation fee of $100.00 includes training and installation of the chat software on three (3) leasing workstations per property.

EmailKast Broadcast Email Service

Broadcast Email Service

Available only with ILoveLeasing.com

Revitalize your lead pool and tether prospects using this dynamic email broadcasting tool. Stunning and simple email templates make follow up easy and highly effective.

MobileKast Mobile Ready Websites

Mobile Application Development

Whatever your product or service, a mobile application will enhance speed, ease and marketability. Our custom Mobile applications are engineered for seamless mobile experience by expert programming experts.

SearchKast Search Engine Optimizer

Search Engine Optimizer

Let Spherexx.com combine the art and science of search engine positioning to ensure that your community is the preferred choice for apartment prospects.

Rank in 53 Search Engines for $150 Per Month

PPCkast Pay Per Click Advertisements

Pay Per Click Advertisements

For maximum return on your pay per click investment, let MessageKast.com create appealing landing pages coupled with strategic search positioning.

Pricing starts at $750 per month and we need to custom quote each client.

PPCkast Pay Per Click Advertisements

Video Broadkasting

Let us build a custom video to educate your prospective new renters about the community and the surrounding neighborhood. This could also be used as a video that existing residents could use as a “resident referral” campaign. We can also do HR related training videos with a test at the end of the video with tracking of each employee’s test grades stored or maybe you need an employment recruiting video. Talk to us about your needs!