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Interactive Chat gives your prospects and clients instant access anywhere and provides excellent tracking information.

Interactive Chat Provides You With Prospect Instant Access

Master Internet marketers like Marketing Sherpa have published major studies that establish how a five-minute response to a prospect through a web inquiry tremendously enhances the opportunity of converting that visitor into a customer.

Likewise, advanced statistical data provided by prospect engagement and advertising analysis concludes that responding to an online apartment prospect within two hours can increase the opportunity for a lease conversion by 576% and for making an appointment by 351%. You may request this entire case study by clicking ILoveLeasing Case Studies.

Here is how it works—this real-time chat event resulted in an actual lease:

An Example of How Online Chat Can Increase Opportunity for Lease Conversion

Connect with your website visitors in real time! Our interactive chat can be added to any website and the entire chat session is emailed to the property after the chat is concluded. However if you also use our I Love Leasing lead management software, then we will automatically deliver chats into ILoveLeasing for easy follow-up. Priced at .10 cents per unit per month, but capped at $30 per month per property plus $100 setup fee per property. Setup fee includes chat software install on 3 workstations in the leasing office. Additional workstation installs are $25/wkstn.

In addition, Chatkast provides advanced user and prospect behavioral statistics.

Chatkast Interactive Chat Solutions for Real Estate

Convert More Leads Into Leases With Chatkast Live Chat For Apartments

Chatkast is a great internal resource for managers and regionals to secret shop their leasing agents. See how they handle an interactive chat session and work to convert that shopper to a tangible prospect. Our apartment online chat tool gives you immediate hard copy documentation you can print and save for quarterly and annual evaluations.

Chatkast is a great training tool for supervisors to track the effectiveness and “on call” nature of their leasing teams. See how they handle prospect issues and you can give instant feedback after the chat session. Train almost in real time using “real life” circumstances with our interactive online chat tool.

You can secret shop or perform quick training tips using instant chat. Chatkast does not have to be used exclusively by prospects. It can used by Residents and Supervisors from any remote location. Simple and effective!

Chat sessions can be initiated from any computer that can connect to the property website. Go to the top of this page and click on the “LIVE CHAT” button to give Chatkast a test drive.